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Artisan Thistle Honey from Italy

Artisan Thistle Honey from Italy

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Mieli Thun from Italy is definitely one of the very best producers of the purest honeys in the world.

Andrea Paternoster, beekeeper in third generation for nomadic bees produces unique artisan, monofloral honeys without any artificial additives. As each plant and flower develops better in a given territory, depending on the climate, the soil composition and the geology of the land, and also grows in a specific area and season, Andrea travels every year all over the Italian peninsula to at least 60 different locations to let his bees, who are loyal to a kind of flower, collect nectar from a single kind of blossom. Andrea respects the life cycle of his bees and travels during night time when the hive is asleep. Moreover, a part of the produced honey remains with the bees.

The Thistle Honey from Italian Cardoon flowers.has a golden color and a thick, creamy texture. Its bouquet is characterized by the fragrance of chrysanthemum, yellow daisy, humus, peat and chopped bark.

This mildly sweet honey has a fresh herbal note. It is perfect to sweeten any herbal tea, to glaze vegetables and  for the preparation of exotic dishes like hummus and sweet and sour sauces. Combine it with cheese and grapes or spread it on fresh baked bread and toast.

Do not feed honey to children under one year of age!

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