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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Liguria/Italy (delicate)

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Liguria/Italy (delicate) - medEATerraneo

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Liguria/Italy (delicate)


Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Sommariva

This delicate, certified organic cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced by the Sommariva farm, one of the first companies in Europe that started with organic agriculture back in the early 1970s. 

It is produced with the traditional method through cold-working in limited quantities. The harvest is hand-picked mid-way through the ripening period in order to preserve and exalt the antioxidant and aromatic characteristics. 

Being one of the outstanding products of Sommariva it is used by many Michelin Star Chefs all over Italy.

Produced in:
Liguria / Italy

Olives: Leccino, Colombaia, Frantoio and Taggiasca.
All Olives are grown on the farm of the producer.

Polyphenol contraction:
150 - 170 mg/kg

About Polyphenol:
Polyphenols are natural antioxidants. The Sommariva Extra Virgin Olive Oil is being cold-pressed within 48 hours from harvesting the olives, so that the acidity level stays low, and Polyphenols stay intact. With the variety of olives that grow in Liguria, e.g. Leccino, Colombaia, Frantoio and Taggiascaa, a maximum of 170mg/kg of Polyphenols can be reached.

The olives are harvested from October to December and the Polyphenol value can vary from 170 to 140 (higher level in October, lower level in December), but the average value is around 150.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Northern Italy never reaches the values that can be found in oils from the more southern parts of Italy, which results in the Ligurian Extra Virgin Olive Oils being much milder and not as bitter and spicy as those olive oils from the South of Italy.

The more Polyphenols an EVOO contain, the stronger it tastes.

The Ligurian EVOO has a good value of Polyphenols, but as it is light and mild, it can be used on all dishes without covering the taste.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Olive Oil-Who knew

Having read the the book; Salt,Acid,Fat,Heat by Samin Nosrat I learned about olive oil quality beyond what my local grocery sold. Thus started my search for Liguria Olive Oil. After several disappointments from Amazon, I ordered this olive oil off a gentlemen at the Sanibel Island Farmer's Market. Finally found a match to the fragrant, delicate taste portrayed in Nosrat's book.

so stoked to get the real deal finally here in SWFL

I have been cooking in Vieux Boucau, southern France for 20 years. We used an average of 5 liters of olive oil per day in the kitchen (no frying !!! LOL). But when we got an olive oil of this quality, I was not allowed to touch it. I am happy to have the opportunity here in the SWFL to buy many different types of high quality olive oil. Many of my customers in my wife's business ask me how to cook with olive oil. Important: Never use it at high temperatures. I use it for all my salads, all oven baked vegis (max 350 F), my tapas, homemade Mayonaise,etc. The first time my wife had this on her salad, her comment was "WOW". I answered "yes honey I know.This is THE REAL DEAL"

Simply incredible

The olive oil is delicate, yet full of flavor. I can’t do without! It goes with salads, meats, fish and I even use it in cakes! I will never buy from anyone else."

“The Balsamic vinegar from Modena, is out of this world! I can’t even find something that good in Italy! It’s rich in flavor, and tastes amazing even with vanilla ice cream! A treasure

My veggies finally taste Italian...:)

Since I am from Germany and lived close to Italy for half of my life, I really missed the flavor of the "real" olive oil.
I love to cook Italian and now it also tastes Italian thanks to the original delicious EVOO from these wonderful farms in Italy imported by Fran and Dan, owners of MEDEATERRANEO ! Thanks!!!


Not only are the products amazing, the customer service is impressive. Fast shipping, the goods arrive carefully and safely packaged. A delightful on line shopping experience.

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