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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Ligura/Italy (delicate)

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Ligura/Italy (delicate)

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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Sommariva

This delicate certified organic cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced by the Sommariva farm that was one of the first companies in Europe to start with organic agriculture back in the early 1970s. 

This organic EVOO is produced with the traditional method through cold working in limited quantities. The harvest is hand-picked mid-way through the ripening period in order to preserve and exalt the antioxidant and aromatic characteristics. 

It is one of the outstanding products of Sommariva and is used by many Michelin Star Chefs all over Italy.

Produced in:
Liguria / Italy

Olives: Leccino, Colombaia, Frantoio and Taggiasca
All Olives are grown on the farm o the producer.

Polyphenol contraction:
150 - 170 mg/kg

About Polyphenol:
Polyphenols are natural antioxidants. The Sommariva Extra Virgin Olive oil is cold pressed within 48 hours from the harvesting of the olives, so that the acidity level is low and Polyphenols are intact. With the variety of Olives in Liguria, which is the Taggiasca, a maximum of 170mg/kg of Polyphenols can be reached.

The olives are harvested from October to December and the Polyphenol value can vary from 170 to 140 (higher level in October, lower level in December), but let’s say that the average value is around 150.

Northern Italy EVOO never reach the values that can be found in oils from more south of Italy, but this can be seen also as a good thing because the Ligurian olive oil is not as bitter and spicy as those olive oils from more south.

The more Polyphenols they contain, the stronger the taste.

The Ligurian olive oil has a good value of Polyphenols but in comparison it is lighter and milder than the ones from more south of Italy and can be used on all dishes without covering the taste.

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