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Organic Apple Saba from Modena/Italy

Organic Apple Saba from Modena/Italy - medEATerraneo

Organic Apple Saba from Modena/Italy

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Organic Apple Saba from La Vecchia Dispensa (100ml / 3.38oz)

This apple Saba is a perfect vegan alternative to honey!

The preparation of Saba dates back to the Roman ages where the Roman chef Apicius used Saba as a natural sweetener.

Made from 100% organic Italian apples and cooked until the texture gets viscous and velvet, and its flavor has become sweet aroma of caramelized fruits.

It can be used with fresh cheese or Parmesan Cheese, on grilled pieces of polenta,, on ice cream, for fruit salads...

Produced in:
Modena, Italy

100% organic Italian apples

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