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Flavored Olive Oil (4 natural flavors)

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Flavored Olive Oil (Orange, Lemon, Hot Pepper and Rosmary ) each 100 ml


Among the experiences of Arkè there is also the meeting with the more reminiscent flavors of Sicily and its thousand sides.
Inspired by traditional Sicilian dishes that are simple but unique for their ingredients and enhanced by flavors, spices and citrus. The story of an experience that ranges from the citrus notes of "gardens" of lemons to the spicy hints of hot pepper, from flowering almond trees up to the aromatic sensations of the Sicilian Rosemary. 

The Arkè Flavored Oils were born out of this trip through Sicily: Orange, Lemon, Hot Pepper, Rosmarin.

All the Arkè flavored olive oils are obtained by natural infusion of our unique blend of extra virgin olive oil with ingredients able to exalt each fragrance.