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Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Lemon, Hot Pepper, Rosemary infused EVOO from Sicily/Italy - Bundle

Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Lemon, Hot Pepper, Rosemary infused EVOO from Sicily/Italy - Bundle

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil and completely natural infused Lemon, Hot Pepper and Rosemary  Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Arkè (750 ml / 25.36oz and 200ml / 6.76oz EA)

Get this bundle of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil and our three best selling infused EVOOs and 
save 10%!

The harvest for this medium cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil is exclusively hand-picked mid-way through the ripening period of the olives in order to preserve and exalt the antioxidant and aromatic characteristics, which results in a mild spicy note. The olives are being  pressed 12 to maximum 24 hours after harvesting to guarantee the highest quality of this EVOO. 

Once the Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced, fresh and sun-ripened lemons, rosemary sprigs or chili peppers from Sicily are being added to the tank. The time the lemon zest, herbs and spices remain in the Extra Virgin Olive Oil varies each time and will be determined by the producer. This procedure results in a completely natural and well-balanced flavor, unlike other oils where the (artificial) flavor is added after the production of the oil.

Try the lemon EVOO with seafood,  vegetables  or together with one of our Balsamic Vinegar from Modena as a salad dressings, the rosemary EVOO with grilled chicken and roasted potatoes or hot pepper EVOO with pasta sauces, quinoa dishes, grilled shrimps..

Produced in:
Sicily/ Italy

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, natural extract of lemon, rosemary and hot peppers

Find out how Extra Virgin Olive Oil  is produced at the Arkè farm here.

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