Hot pepper (Chili) flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Arkè 200 ml (6.76 oz)

Hot pepper infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Arkè 200 ml (6.76 oz)

Unbeatable infused EVOO as its produced with the best natural fruits/herbs from Sicily. 

What makes the difference to other flavored olive oils on the market?
As most of the in supermarkets available products are olive oils with certain flavors added, often even of chemical/artificial origin, our high quality products are produced with 100 % grown fruits and herbs.
The other big quality difference is that during  production, the fresh Sicilian fruits herbs are added while the olives are being pressed to the mill, which results in a completely natural and well-balanced flavor, unlike other oils where the (artificial) flavor is added after the production of the oil.

The base of all Arkè infused Extra Virgin Olive Oils it the Arkè Belolio.

Use it to spice up you meat, pasta sauces, or simply dip bread into it.