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Seasoning "Balsamotto" aged for 4 years from Modena/Italy

Seasoning "Balsamotto" aged for 4 years from Modena/Italy

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Balsamotto from Acetaia Paltrinieri

The “Balsamotto” contains cooked grape must only and aged in oak barrels for 4 years which gives it a rather sweet taste as no wine vinegar is added, and a viscous texture. Guido Paltrinieri, the owner of the Acetaia Paltrinieri is dedicated with all his heart to the production of Balsamic Vinegar and his products belong to the best in the world.

The "Balsamotto" is an excellent and exquisite dressing for salads, perfect while cooking risotto, it can be used for marinating red meat and to cook escalopes or vegetables.

A little goes a long way: Only a few drops are enough to refine a dish or salad dressing. All Balsamic Vinegar are therefore very economical in use!

Produced in:
Sorbara/Modena, Italy

Cooked grape must 
Contains Sulfites
All grapes are grown on the farm of the producer

Best Before: 12/2029

Find out how Balsamic Vinegar is produced at the Acetaia Paltrinieri here.

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