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Customer Testimonials

"Half a shelf in my pantry is devoted to oils, plain and flavored (the truffle oil makes my head tingle) and exquisite pastas from medEATerraneo.
Dan and Fran are sweet and sincere gourmet-merchants who personally seek out the rarest and best, and deliver it fast and reliably." - TELLER (of Penn & Teller) (medEATerraneo Customer)
Clean Food is Key for great health.
"Our physical and mental health are our most valuable possessions, and the right nutrition plays a very important role in keeping our bodies and minds healthy.
I love medEATerraneo’s values and products as they are in complete alignment with my philosophy: Clean and pure without any harmful additives, produced in a sustainable and organic way and non-GMO." - Dr. Antoine Chevalier (Holistic White House Doctor)
"Fran and Dan are amazing. Not only do they have great products, the wide variety of olive oils are a personal favorite. but they are both so knowledgeable about pairings of their products with food!
The right balsamic vinegar, or olive oil pair with food just as well as the right wine. If I ever need help pairing olive oil or balsamic vinegar with a dish, they are super helpful!
Not only do I love their products, but I sometimes depend on Fran and Dan like I would my Sommelier."- Jared Richardson (Private Chef)