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Customer Reviews

Based on 138 reviews
Loved it!

We first purchased this from the farmers market on vacation in Captiva Island. We loved it so much we ordered a bunch to be shipped home. So good!

Love this!

Often colored pastas fade dramatically when cooked...these kept their color. Beautiful products.

Excellent all-purpose olive oil

A nice, well-balanced olive oil, flavorful enough to be excellent for dressing and dipping as well as cooking, but not so strong that it usurps other flavors.

Outstanding product.

We love the olive oil and balsamic. The best ever. Great taste the real deal.

For me, it is the perfect spiciness level!

Smooth, light, rich, and deliciously tasty is this oil!! I use it in almost everything, but especially in my wraps accompanied with microgreens. Well, all their oils are exquisite! The best quality!! Actually, the only oils that I consume are theirs. I have also boughed the Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Sicily/Italy (intense-strong), the Lemon infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Sicily/Italy and the Rosemary infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Sicily/Italy I recommend them, delicious!

The best lemon infused oil oil!!

I love lemon zest on anything! But to have an oil that is infused with lemon zest is incredible for topping off seafood or just using as a salad dressing. Highly highly recommend!


My husband and I watched Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat and looked for an olive oil from Liguria. This olive oil is amazing. Very smooth and delicate. We will definitely purchase again. And the customer service was excellent which is an added bonus.

Beautiful to give - impressive to serve

Most of my purchases were for gifts (...birthday, mother's day, & valentine's day, but got one for me) ... I keep thinking of other friends / family who would delight in receiving this as a gift!

So Nice!!!

I purchased this product at the Sanibel farmer’s market and I have to say...the best pasta I’ve ever had❤️

Love it 💖

Absolutely love Medeaterraneo products. Buying more ASAP.


Beautiful, toothsome pasta that retains its vibrant color when cooked. Its length and twists add to the drama and joy on the plate, no matter what you sauce it with. Given its beauty, keep it simple and you won't regret it. Only critique is that it doesn't reheat well, so make only what you'll eat in one sitting.

Great company and amazing products.

A delightful light, flavorful oil

This is a great oil - for cooking & for salads! Does not overwhelm the taste of my food but adds a delicious texture & light taste of its own!


Each product I try I live more than the last. I love the infused oils.

Loved it so much I reordered

Incredible quality, I reordered.

Such a great gift!

I bought this at the farmer’s market on Sanibel and loved it to much that I ordered it for several other people! It’s been enjoyed by all

Excellent & beautiful

We thoroughly have enjoyed this pasta. It is delicious and also so beautiful. First introduced to it on Sanibel Island this past March, we have re-ordered because we just fell in love the product.

Perfect gift

We love this shop and wanted to share some of the products with our lovely neighbors. But as we did not exactly know their favorites, we decided to get them a gift card. Everything was great. Fast and easy order and delivery and our neighbors were delighted about the value of what they could shop with the gift card. Thank you.


The most outstanding pasta I have ever had. Compliments. Excellent customer service and experience. Quick delivery. Love Fran, Dan and Spotty.


This is by far the most delicious pasta I have ever had. Compliments to all those involved in creating and manufacturing this product and, most importantly, to the vision and partnership that brought this pasta to the USA and that it is available at Florida farmers markets as well as online.

High quality olive oil - love it and will buy it again

We bought a set of Olive Oil from Liguria (very smooth) and from Sicily (medium-strong). Loved every single drop of it !! The flavors of both are outstanding. Used it mostly for making all kinds of fresh salads, perfect with these high quality oils. Will definitely buy it again, eating healthy is more important then ever. Thank you Fran & Dan


I was astonished at the quality and taste of the Arke olive oil. Without a doubt this will be a regular item in my pantry. Thank you Fran and Dan!!


I was astonished at the quality and taste of the Arke olive oil. Without a doubt this will be a regular item in my pantry. Thank you Fran and Dan!!

The perfect balsamic

I personally don't see this as your (moms) everyday balsamic.
It is far more subtle. Velvety, smooth, interesting, delicious.

Magic White Stuff

I got a sampler of this White Balsamic together with some recipes. WOW! Put it on chopped strawberries for dessert, what a blast.
It is fully natural without any additives, so good and healthy too. My wife loves it for her salad dressing, but it is also delicious on any kind of fruit salad. Thank you for this wonderful product.