About us

Healthy meets Delicacies….

Everything started with a glance on the list of ingredients of a Balsamico Glace sold in our local organic supermarket…

We have always had a passion for the Mediterranean light and healthy cuisine but had to find out that even basic ingredients like Aceto Balsamico that are available everywhere are packed with artificial and harmful additives such as colorings, modified starch or glucose syrup whereas the authentic Aceto Balsamico from the Modena region consists of grape must and wine vinegar only.

We also care for our environment and love food grown in a lasting and organic agriculture. So our perfect scenario is high quality, healthy, exquisite, affordable and sustainable produced – all combined in one product.

As we have found it more and more difficult to find products in local shops that meet our high standards and expectations we have decided to start our own company and to share all the good things that we discovered during our numerous trips to Italy with people who have a similar mindset and expectation for food and who love the Mediterranean flair and cuisine.

medEATerraneo stands for Mediterranean, mainly Italian delicacies and treats which are being produced in small family business that have been existing for several generations.

We maintain close and trustful relationships with all our suppliers and producers who we all know personally. All of them are living for their products with dedication, enthusiasm and passion and so do we.

Sustainability, clean food which is free from any artificial and harmful additives as well as an exquisite taste are the core values/trademarks of our brand.

We love to surprise our customers by showing them how a simple organic Pesto sauce can turn into a true and healthy delicacy when it is produced with the best olive oil from Liguria, used by many Michelin Star chefs all over Italy, as well as Parmigiano Reggiano PDO and handpicked, freshly processed organic  Genovese basil PDO.

We would now like to welcome you in our shop and hope that you enjoy discovering our products.

Please contact us in case you have any questions or need advice.