Italian Lemon Cookies (Cantucci)

Cantucci Lemon and Lime Pulp (200 gr. / 7.05 oz)


This recipe is inspired by the most beautiful Italian season. With its soft lemon peel, the fruit pulp and the juice of the lime, these Cantucci taste fresh and light, perfect for the warm season. You can enjoy them superbly with coffee or even with a glass of limoncello on a warm summer evening. The contained candied lemon pieces are prepared in a slow process without the addition of chemicals. Ingredients: organic flour type 0 from Italian wheat, brown sugar, candied lemon min. 13% (Italian lemon peel, glucose syrup and sugar), lime pulp min 8%, butter (milk), cornstarch, organic egg yolk, whole milk powder, yeast (disodium diphospate, sodium carbonate, wheat starch), sea salt, ammonium bicarbonate.