Tagliolini Picasso

Tagliolini Picasso from Pastificio del Colle

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Tagliolini Picasso (500 gr. / 17.64 oz)

This beautiful handmade Pasta is long a and has beautiful colors that come from natural ingredients only, like spinach for green, beets for red etc. and works perfectly with any sauce you can think of. From just some drops of (infused) Extra Virgin Olive Oil  and grilled vegetables, to Bolognese or cream sauce.

The pasta does not need to be broken to cook it. Just put it into boiling water and once the ends start to get soft, the pasta sinks down into the pot.


Ingredients: Durum Wheat (60%), water (32%), turmeric (1%), beets (2%), paprika (2%), spinaches (3%), cuttlefish black ink (3%)