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Handmade Bow Tie Pasta "Farfalline Zebra" from Puglia/Italy

Handmade Bow Tie Pasta "Farfalline Zebra" from Puglia/Italy


Farfalline Zebra from Pastificio del Colle (250gr / 8.82oz)

This handcrafted "Farfallina" Pasta, which means "butterfly", is one of the most classic shapes of Italian pasta, and cuttlefish ink is used for the black coloring. 

The high quality of durum wheat guarantees a highly reduced amount of gluten which makes Pastificio del Colle's Pasta much easier to digest compared to regular, store bought pasta.

It is a great way to surprise your family and guests with a very special dish and can be perfectly combined with seafood like fish, shrimps or mussels, with our Extra Virgin Lemon Olive Oil or even with a hand made tomato sauce and some fresh basil.

Please do not overcook (best between 6 - 9 minutes).

Produced in:

Durum wheat, water, cuttlefish ink

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