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The mission of Pastificio del Colle is to eat healthy, offering a high quality product, thanks to an accurate selection of raw materials, of incomparable quality. Pastificio del Colle paies attention to the selection of raw materials, using very high quality of durum wheat and only natural colors, like paprika if red or orange, turmeric if yellow, purple or pink if beet, cuttlefish ink if black, spinach if green or greenish, spirulina if blue. Raw materials (durum wheat and water) are mixed in amounts that vary depending on the format to be produced and are processed with the addition of natural coloured powders. After this phase, the dough is pushed by cochlea through the bronze dies, which give the final format to the dough. While, for formats multicolored handmade, there is a lengthy procedure manual procedure of dough to special sizes. The phase of slow drying at low temperature is used to dry the product making it keep all the organoleptic content of the durum wheat. Drying occurs at a temperature of about 38°, in such a way as to reduce the amount of humidity until it reaches 12.50%. After a period of stabilization on the frames, the pasta is ready to be packaged. The packaging stage of pasta is done manually for handmade formats in transparent food bags and automatically for pasta made with bronze dies. Subsequently, the envelopes are placed in boxes and sealed with the mark of Pastificio del Colle.

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