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Gift box with 5 completely natural infused Extra Virgin Olive Oils from Sicily/Italy

Gift box with 5 completely natural infused Extra Virgin Olive Oils from Sicily/Italy

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Gift box with 5 completely natural infused EVOOs (Lemon, Orange, Hot Pepper, Rosemary and Armonia) - 100ml / 3.38oz each

A nice little gift box with 5 bottle of flavored EVOO from fruity to spicy - perfect to discover your favorite flavor, and also a perfect git for passionate chefs.

The different flavors are reminiscent of a journey through the beautiful island Sicily. Inspired by traditional Sicilian dishes that are simple but unique for their ingredients and enhanced by spices and citrus fruits, ranging from fresh harvested lemons to the spicy hints of hot pepper, from flowering almond trees to the aromatic sensation of Sicilian rosemary. 

Once the Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced, the fresh herbs and citrus fruits are added to the tank, which results in a completely natural and well-balanced infusion.

What makes the difference to other flavored olive oils on the market?
Our high-quality products are produced with 100% natural grown fruits and herbs, unlike many other store bought olive oils which are blended with artificial, chemically produced flavors.

The base of all Arkè infused Extra Virgin Olive Oils at the Arkè Belolio.

Produced in:
Sicily/ Italy

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, natural extract of lemon, orange, rosemary, hot peppers, almonds, tomatoes, garlic and basil

Find out how Extra Virgin Olive Oil  is produced at the Arkè farm here. 

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