Balsamic Vinegar PGI "Calamaio" from Modena aged in barrels for 3 years from Sapore Italiano

The Aceto Balsamico PGI "Calamaio" is produced from grapes of the vineyards of the Emilia Romagna region. It is mild, rather sweetish and has a velvety texture which comes from aging in French oak barrels.

Because of its unmatched taste, it received the Bellavita Award (3 stars and the "exquisite" award at the Bellavita Expo London 2016).

The delicious taste of this Aceto Balsamico is a perfect complement to mature cheese such as Parmigiano Reggiano, fruits (such as strawberries and pears), desserts (chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream) and all gourmet recipes. It is also perfect for decorating ready-to-eat dishes.

A little goes a long way: Only a few drops are enough to refine a dish or salad dressing. All Aceto Balsamico are therefore very economical in use!

Ingredients: Cooked grape must, wine vinegar. Contains sulfites.

Did you know?

PGI stands for: protected geographical indication Find out more about the PGI scheme here.