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Olio Arkè

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Olio Arkè

Our family has dedicated itself to the olive cultivation and the oil production for three generations. Our grandparents started their adventure in the lands near Serradifalco, realizing in that moment their vocation and the potential of the territory. At their arrival to the new farmlands, bought after the war of the 1945, they planted an olive tree as a symbol of their beginning. From this indelible link and the inherited respect, we started to write a new story that shares the same values and the same passion as our grandparents.

In 2001 four young cousins decided to start a new business and planned the completion of the entire process of production with the aim of promoting their olive oil in the international markets.

Salvatore, Daniela, Sabrina and Salvatore with the stable support of their family established Arkè in 2003 preparing the groundwork for their mission: values, people and territory.

We are located in the heart of Sicily only a few kilometers from the Mediterranean sea. Arkè is its history, the history of the family. It is values and charm. Arkè means working in an amazing territory.

Today the company exports to many countries where it has received different acknowledgments. Arkè manages the production of around 150 hectares of olive grove with 45000 plants and controls the entire chain from the olive tree till the bottle by doing meticulous inspections. During the years, many producers have been involved in Arkè production adding value and profitability, sharing their productive, organisational and logistical skills with the company. In this way we have created a shared opportunity for producers that have the same passion for olive oil as ours.


The harvest takes place between October the 10th and November the 25th which is the best harvest time when olives reach mid-ripening. In the long days that prolong the Sicilian summer, we still pick the olives manually and then we put them in low and well-ventilated containers in order to avoid them warming up. In this way we make sure the olives arrive undamaged and intact to our company mill.

The elements that contribute to the success of the delicate production of a high quality extra virgin olive oil are the choice of the best time of picking, always respectful of the different olive varieties, the attention in the selection of the best fruits and the hard work of men and women.

During the olive harvest, the mill never stops. Day and night we manage the harvest that is conducted over several farms. Our rigorous planning is essential to make sure the picking crew is ready when needed and milling capacity is scheduled so that the olives don’t have to wait after being harvested. We personally check every olive to give you the best quality… The extraordinary… every day.

Once the bins arrive to our company’s mill, they are temporarily placed under a portico in order to guarantee the ventilation and to keep the olives unaltered. The olives get milled within 12 hours from the harvest always paying attention on the temperature and time of milling.

Combining tradition and technology, the company’s mill operates a gentle cold milling that exalts the smells and the flavors of our extra virgin olive oils.

medEATerraneo Olive Harvest at the Farm of Olio Arkè in Sicily Italy. Premium Olives for High-End Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Italy

medEATerraneo EVOO at the Farm of Olio Arkè in Sicily Italy. Premium Olive Oil production for High-End Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Italy

Our extra virgin olive oils are stored in an environment able to preserve the natural genuineness where the sediments naturally settle down at the bottom of our steel silos. Thanks to the temperature monitoring (18°C) and the absence of light the olive oil remains so unaltered that it best expresses the character and the passion from which it was produced.

Therefore, an efficient Product Tracking and Traceability System allows us to check each step of the entire production process, from the farm to the table. Every “man” of Arkè works in a way that each bottle brings the values ​at the basis of its production. A uniqueness signed manually by the red Arkè seal.

Arkè is aware that the territory is its most important and unique resource. For this reason we preserve and protect our territory by drawing on sustainable energy resources.

Since 2008 the company has implemented two photovoltaic installations: the first one of 20 Kw;,the second one of 40 Kw installed in 2012. Both are totally integrated with our facilities and are capable of satisfying more than 100% of the whole production cycle’s energy requirements.

Arkè and Nature is a tie as unbreakable as the one that binds this territory and our products.

An unbreakable tie: Arke and Nature
Since 2015 our production chain has become more eco-friendly thanks to the expulsion of the solid waste products of the olive milling process (hazel and pulp). The hazel, excellent woody fuel, is used to heat the facilities. The pulp/flesh, instead, is sent to a nearby power station (located  just 30 km away from our company) that produces Biogas.

36.960 kg less Carbon dioxide pollute the environment every year. A total of 739.200 kg of CO2 since the plant installation. Sustainable energy resources have allowed us to avoid using 15.708 kg of oil per year; 314.160 kg of oil saved since the plant installation.

AWARDS: The satisfaction and the pride of raising awareness of a different Sicily, the Sicily of “good things”, is what increases our enthusiasm. All the awards gained at an international level are signs of our commitment and the confirmation of your support.