Traditioneller Aceto Balsamico DOP gereift in Wachholderholzfässern (100 ml)_

Traditional Aceto Balsamico PDO aged for 25 years in single wood Juniper (100 ml)

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Sophisticated vinegar mainly aged in rare juniper barrels The clear and spicy flavor is very aromatic, with resin traces that characterise its texture. It is very aromatic and has a characteristic wood fragrance It is mainly suitable for game, meat and fried dishes in general. ... and last but not least, let us reveal a little secret about the Acetaia del Cristo: Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, the actors Michael Douglas and Ornella Muti as well as the American F1 driver Phil Hill have their own battery of barrels in the acetaia and have the Aceto Balsamico produced directly for themselves! Ingredients: Cooked grape must. Contains sulfites. Did you know? PDO stands for: protected designation of origin Find out more about the PDO scheme here.