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Acetaia del Cristo

Daniele Bonfatti and Erika and Gilberto Barbieri represent today the 4th generation of producers who run Acetaia del Cristo, which developed from the ancient Acetaias of their families.

According to the ancient tradition of Modena, starting from the care of the organic vineyard and the grape processing (still done by hand), through the delicate withdrawing, decanting and topping-up operations (carried out personally by the owners), after many years of maturation and ageing (at least 12 years up to more than 25 years) the traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena DOP. is obtained (DOP – Denominazione di Origine Protetta = PDO Protected Designation of Origin).

The Traditional Balsamic Vinegar is guarded in the attics of the Acetaia into 2000 casks of small and medium sizes. Each year, only 1-2% of the total production is withdrawn from the barrels, bottled and then sold on the market. This small amount proves the valuable and excellent quality that has led the Aceto Balsamico di Modena to be considered one of the leading product in the enogastronomic world.

Acetaia del Cristo, thorough the “Consorzio Tutela” (protective Consortium), was the first to use the famous Giugiaro Design bottle. The bottle with the seal no. 000001 can be seen in the small Family Museum of the Acetaia. In 2010 after more than 50 years, with its famous “Diamante Nero”, Acetaia del Cristo won the competition “Palio di Spilamberto” in the DOP category, the award all the producers of traditional Aceto Balsamico long for.

The three owners, apart from having treasured the precious teachings handed down by their ancestors, are Masters tasters associated with the Consorteria di Spilamberto, an organization that promotes the culture of traditional Aceto Balsamico, and with diligent and punctual regularity they attend tasting sessions and tastings courses to preserve, improve and hone their connoisseur’s skills.

Acetaia del Cristo produces only TRADITIONAL Balsamic Vinegar of Modena DOP in different varieties and ageing, and it is renowned for the uniqueness and the quality of its products, as it emerges from hundreds of excellent reviews published in newspapers and magazines, in addition to TV services broadcasted by several international TV channels, which have greatly promoted its image. In 2012 the “Celebrity Room” was founded  where it is possible to see the balsamic batteries of some VIPs who have decided to share their passion with Acetaia del Cristo: among them the American actor Michael Douglas, the Italian actress Ornella Muti, the American F1 driver Phil Hill, and the one of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Guests, who come from all over the world, can appreciate also this glimpse of the Acetaia during the visit to the farm. The new premises, recently expanded and renovated, allows to accommodate, by appointment, groups up to 50 people. The guided tour of the Acetaia includes a comprehensive description of all the stages of production and a vertical tasting of the main products; a golden opportunity to get involved in the magical alchemy of the Balsamic Vinegar. ACETAIA DEL CRISTO Società Agricola S.S.

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